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全 淑伊

氏名 全 淑伊

対応言語 韓国語(レベル:B ※逐次可(会議、商談、企業視察、観光アテンド)

活動範囲 北海道 道南エリア


地域限定通訳案内士(韓国語登録KO 2号)



2001年~ 函館市、JTB、KNT依頼

韓国マスメディア(TV局 - KBS、MBC、SBS)

韓国国立民族博物館、新聞社、旅行雑誌社 等









Name Chon Sugi

Languages Korean (Level: B)

Possible Sequential (Conference, Business meetings, Company visit, Tourism attendant) 

Range of activities Hokkaido south area

The qualifications and experience of foreign languages

Licenced guide(Korean)

The Japan Kanji Aptitude Test Grade 1

Experience relating to interpretation

Hakodate City, JTB and  KNT request.

Korean mass media (TV stations - KBS, MBC, SBS)

The National Folk Museum of Korea, newspaper company, travel magazines, etc.

Professional & specialties

History ,Culture (Korea and Hokkaido south area) and Business meeting


Before the Korean boom begins in Japan, I has been involved in the interpreter and Korean teacher.

Request of Hakodate is often an interpreter.

I'm proud that have help as an interpreter in the preparatory work of the two countries up to the flying of Incheon - Hakodate.

I challenged early "Hakodate test" and "Licenced guide", so I was able to know the history and culture of Hokkaido.

To cope with rapidly changing society, and to improve quality at all times, I am taking on the challenge.

I want to do the best as a bridge between the two countries in the future.

レベル A: 同時通訳と逐次通訳が可能
  B: 逐次通訳が可能、且つ、特定分野での同時通訳が可能
  C: 簡単な商談、日常会話の逐次通訳が可能
  D: 簡単な日常会話程度の通訳が可能
 Level A:  sequential and simultaneous interpretation
  B: sequential interpretation and simultaneous interpretation in the specific field
  C:  Simple opportunity, interpretation can sequential daily conversation
  D:  Interpretation of simple day-to-day conversation about possible